The Ghana Arts and Culture Festival seeks to celebrate Ghanaian arts and culture. This festival is an avenue through which Ghanaians will be educated and exposed to the various forms of Ghanaian arts and culture identified in all the regions in Ghana. The Festival will be a four-day event which will be held at the Ghana International Trade Fair, Accra. On exhibition at the festival will be variety of food, drinks, clothes, languages and most importantly, the highlight of the event; performances from groups representing all the regions in Ghana. To encourage healthy collaboration within the continent, the festival will feature a performance from one guest African country. At the end of the festival, two (2) performers from each group will be selected to represent both Ghana and each region in South Africa at their annual National Arts Festival in Grahamstown.

The direct correlation between Arts and Culture and Tourism, makes it imperative to give opportunity to the Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture to educate and encourage Ghanaians at the Festival to embrace and appreciate our arts and culture and also to enhance Tourism to foreigners present. This is an attempt to aid Ghanaians to discover the individual and national benefits of Arts and Culture and also an initiative to assist in promoting the Arts and Culture industry in Ghana.