Nii Kwanchi II, was installed Noryaa Manste (Developmental Chief) of Mantse Ankrah Royal Family Dadeban-Naa Otublohum, the Brazil house community in Jamestown By Nii Adjabeng Ankrah II on September 20, 2019.
He was being carried on the shoulders with white powder being sprayed on him from Accra Arts Center and guns were being fired into the sky by the Asafo men in Dadeban-Naa Otublohum to the Palace square of Dadeban-Naa Otublohum. At the palace the leaders of the land poured libation and two white fowls were being slaughtered this was done by a priestess.

He was then taken into a spiritual room opposite the palace which they slaughtered a white ram. He was left in the room alone till midnight 1am where he was brought out and led to the Jamestown Sea to have a spiritual bath after that he was brought back and guns were being fired to show that he had passed through the rites successfully.
On September 21st a grand durbar was organized at Otublohum Palace around Brazil lane Jamestown he was taken from his house with merry making and gunshots to the Durbar grounds. At the Durbar grounds all chiefs with his elders were seated with people from Dadeban-Naa Otublohum community. Libation was being poured by the chief priest Nyomo Akuah Mensah after that he was made to swear to the chief of the land Nii Adjabeng Ankrah II that any time he is being called he needs to responds and if he turns his back on them the gods of the land should deal with him. At a community Reception held to commemorate his enstoolment in the Mantse Ankrah Royal Family Dadeban-Naa Otublohum, Nii Kwanchi II’s father Mr. Joseph Kugbe told that public that his son is also from a royal family in the Volta Region. Mr. Kugbe believes his son will take his duties serious to make sure there is development in the community. He told the people in the community to support his son so that he can achieve his aim. Mr. Kugbe mentioned some areas in the community that need to be developed especially the coast of Jamestown he believes that every coast is a tourist site so they should those areas clean and the youth should also follow his footsteps.
Nii Kwanchi II promised to continue keep up with the good work he is doing for the community. He asked the people to also support him to develop the community and assured his people that there are greater opportunities and development coming to Dadeban-Naa Otublohum. He concluded by saying education with arts and culture is the key to success so every parents should take their ward to school for a better future.
The vote of thanks was done by Nyomo Akuah Mensah the Chief Priest in his speech he told the general public not to put all their burden on Nii Kwanchi II but they should also support him so that he can achieve his aim. Nyomo Akuah also made a request that Nii Kwanchi II should help introduce health facilities, employment and also expand the education center in Dadeban-Naa Otublohum though he has already built a school for the community. Some arts and culture industry players such as Dela Boutri, Sherifa Gunu, Ras Kuuku, Nii Funny, Afri Danish band and other great personality were present to support Nii Kwanchi II.
Known in private life as Mr. Louis Yeboah Wonder Doe, he is 35 years of age and the President/CEO of Universal Wonderful Street Academy, which is an NGO created to cater for children living on the streets of Accra, the capital city of Ghana.
He grew up on the street, had little opportunity to go to school at Presbyterian Primary School due to family problems and through this he developed the skills of making African drum at the Accra Arts Center. He also learned how to play the drums and began to compose music as well. He got the opportunity to join the Pan African Orchestra, met Nii Yartey who became his mentor and also thought him as well. He joined his church’s choir at his youthful age.

He willingly provided for children suffering from autism in Circle in Accra for over 3 years with his own money. His main aim for doing this was not to make the street children go through what he went through. Again, he developed another project called “The Street Academy” at the Accra Arts Center. For this project to be registered, he had to work for 2 years and with this project he started with provision of food for the children. He travelled to other countries to develop his project and through this he was able to register his project in Spain and Germany. Through this decision, he was able gain support from a Spanish friend and also got the opportunity to perform on international platforms such as Spain, Germany, Italy, Canada and other European countries.

He took this opportunity to teach African drumming and dancing in Europe and brought foreigners which includes pilots to his school in Ghana for an exchange program.
Also, his school Universal Wonderful Street Academy established in 2012 provides education for 200 children in Jamestown community for free with food, uniforms and books. The children are taken through an extra curriculum class such as traditional African drumming and dancing as part of the formal education given to them.

He believes this will also help promote the Ghanaian arts and culture. Every 4 months he provides water to the people in the Jamestown community and paid other children’s fees at the secondary and tertiary institution. He has not only provided for his community but he has extended helping hands to other communities with education and employment.

read more about Louis wonder as Noryaa Mantse (Developmental Chief) of Mantse Ankrah Royal Family at https://www.facebook.com/louis.wonder.50

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