GACA 2019 Nomination Opened

The 2019 Ghana Arts and Culture awards nominations are officially open to the public from 6th to 30th of September. You can nominate a well- deserved individual for the following categories

1. Outstanding Cultural Personality of the year
2. Cultural Heritage Entrepreneur of the year
3. Corporate Support for Arts and Culture
4. Traditional Dance Group of the year
5. Traditional Music Group of the year
6. Cultural Television Programme of the year
7. Cultural Radio Programme of the year
8. Ghanaian Visual Artist of the year
9. Ghanaian Artiste of the year
10. Ghanaian movie of the year
11. Ghanaian Fashion Designer of the year
12. Spoken Word Artist of the year
13. Art Festival Event of the year
14. Indigenous Caterer of the year
15. Discovery of the year
16. Arts and Culture Media of the year
i. Television
ii. Photography
iii. Blog
Pick a nomination form for free at the National Commission on Culture and Accra Tourist Information Centre or visit For further information and enquiries call 0541199549 or 0242737116. You can follow us on social media @ghartsnculture #Gaca2019 #Ghanaartsandcultureawards2019. Ghana Arts and Culture Awards… rewarding excellence in Arts and Culture.

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