Coronation Of Mr LaMont “Montee” Evans As Sanaahene

Nana Kwame Sam I, was installed Sanaahene (Keeper of the Stool Treasury, Gold Ornaments and Stool Valuables) of Obaatan Division by Nana Beenyii III of the Obaatan Division on 4 May 2019.

Known in private life as Mr. LaMont “Montee” Evans, he is 50 years of age and the President/CEO of mojaevans Marketing and Branding Services, LLC (a business and NGO consulting firm) and Healthy Black Communities, Inc. (a health education and disease prevention NGO), both headquartered in the United States.

He grew up and schooled in St. Louis, Missouri until moving on to attend DeVry University in Chicago, Illinois (USA) where he acquired his Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Operations (1998). He attended Goizueta Business School (Emory University) with some work on an Executive MBA (2009). He started his NGO in 2001 and consulting firm in 2002.

He first came to Ghana in 2004 conducting a health assessment in Warababa (Winneba) with a US based NGO to determine the health education needs of those living in this area. He kept coming back to Ghana and in 2006 launched Ghana HIV/AIDS Awareness Week which is an initiative focused on community mobilization. He worked with La Anglican JSS, Charity Youth Organization, Gosanet Foundation, Centre for Popular Education and Human Rights Ghana, Young Ghana Youth Organization during that time. This is his eleventh visit to Ghana.

At a Community Reception held to commemorate his enstoolment in the Obaatan Division, Nana Kwame Sam I spoke about the need to develop a Cultural Arts Center that is community focused and designed to support the needs of the community, but also generate revenue. He stated that this would be a long term project that has multiple phases before completion.

As of May 2019, Nana Kwame Sam I is currently working on eight projects totaling more than $26,000 USD: (1) Taychiam District Assembly Basic School (50 dual desks, 10 desktop computers, three laptops, and 640 textbooks); (2) In God Vocational Training Center (28 Butterfly Sewing Machines); (3) La Anglican Kg, Primary and JSS (89 uniforms, 89 pairs of shoes and lunch for all the children); (4) Potsin A.I. Admadiyya Senior High School (website); (5) Centre for Popular Education and Human Rights Ghana (website); (6) Methodist Girls Senior High School (86 pairs of sandals, malaria kits, malaria drugs and drum set for band); (7) Read-a-Book Foundation – Cape Coast (100 children’s books); and (8) Kakraba Football Club (18 pairs of soccer cleats and 18 volunteer t-shirts).

He said once these projects were completed, his focus would be on the people within the Obaatan Division. He pledged his support to the people during the Community Reception and would be meeting with Nana Beenyii III to gain insight and understanding of the exact needs of the people.

Nana Kwame Sam I would be returning in August/September to attend Chale Wote Festival (Jamestown), Borbor Mfantse Akwanbo’ Festival (Mankessim) and Fetu Afahye (Cape Coast) as well as work on the existing projects.

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